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I have been using your Repel Shampoo and conditioner on my three children for at least 5 years. When ever we stop using it...one of my kids will pick up lice for sure. My 5th grader uses your daily conditioner daily, he recently spent a few days on a sleep over (without the spray) and 7 days later I found nits in his hair but no live lice. I think the spray really repelled the egg laying female. I swear by your products. They work better than ANY toxic chemical treatment!



I love the product and we have never had lice. My daughter has very long hair and we believe this product has helped prevent because it has been in the school many times. Well worth it too keep her hair long!


We had been fighting lice for a month and a half. Every-time we thought it was gone my daughter would bring it home from school again. I treated with the chemicals and my poor girls hair was dry and nasty and their heads were raw.


Rebecca G.

I LOVE your products - they really work! We had lice 4 years ago, and have been using Fairytales products ever since. There have been many outbreaks at school - several times each year - and we have not gotten lice again!

Terri. T

I have used Fairy Tales for 4 months now, and my girls have remained lice free. I am so glad someone finally came up with an item that really works. My children's hair looks great and they love the smell! Thanks Fairy Tales!

Ann Marie M.

I have been a loyal customer for years. My children use your shampoo everyday all year long and the Rosemary Repel Leave in Conditioning Spray daily. It leaves their hair smelling great and looking good.

Michelle M

Very pleased with products. We've had four notes home from my daughter's school this year (about lice) and I'm delighted she hasn't had any.


We love your products, being all natural with no harsh chemicals ....great! My daughter's school had and outbreak last year and a friend told us about you. We have been using your produts for almost a year and have had no sign of any critters.


Melissa Skinner

Just a day ago, I was introduced to your products. My head was itching and I thought it was due to a change in my shampoo. Then when my 3 daughters all mentioned that they had itchy heads...and my oldest then brushed her hair and a bug was in her hand.


Wendy Lloyd

My daughter has used Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo & Crème Conditioner for the past year. She just turned 3 years old and we just finished using the first bottle. The product lasts a long time. I purchased the Leave-In Conditioning Spray and found that



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