Countdown to Summer Vacation

Planning and Preparing to Not Come Undone.

In our house everyone is counting down the days until summer break, but for very different reasons. As the end of the year approaches, I mourn the eight hours of daily, undisturbed solitude. At the same time, I celebrate that I can say good-bye to painful early mornings, rushing out of the house, and yelling at my kids to get in the car. For a few precious months our evenings will not be punctuated by my shouts to "Finish your homework," "Take a darn bath," and "Go to bed!"

My kids celebrate their approaching freedom and mourn nothing. In their minds they see the barrier to their happiness, like a gate, about to be blown wide open. "Woohoo!" they exclaim, "summer is here!"

Funny thing… about two days into summer break (and I know I am not alone in this) I can predict with 100% confidence that I will hear the dreaded words:

I am bored!

Is there anything more annoying than our children saying this at 10 am... in June? I have asked my children repeatedly to please not say this to me. It drives me crazy. However, they can't seem to help themselves and I have learned to pretend I am deep, deep in sleep.

I used to struggle to find interesting things for them to do once school was out. But this year I have planned ahead, if they are bored I have something for them to do.

I created a long list of projects I know they will find excruciating... I do!

Sweeping out the garage, washing toilets, picking up garbage in the neighborhood – all catalysts for my kids to fire up their imaginations.

In truth, I have also planned a few day trips, tennis and a summer camp in the Adirondacks to make this summer a fun adventure for us all. It is important to be creative and realistic about what we can handle. Moms and dads need a vacation, too.

And come on, getting bored every once in a while is good for the mind and the soul. We just need to be around to help them filter through their wacky ideas. No, we don't need a Minecraft mural on the side of the house!



Lice Lady Tips for Summer Survival:

Plan Ahead.  Pick up our new Sun & Swim® Travel Pack (available at Ulta) and our  Bug Bandit® Repellent  to protect your little ones from sun and bugs. Keep it in your car, toss it in the beach bag and pack a set for the kids when they go away. Our products work great for parents too!

Take Time to be Adults.  It is important that we show the kids a good time, but it is equally important to teach them self-care. Plan a date night out (or in); maybe even invite the kids to help with the planning. Moms and dads need to schedule time to enjoy the things they love, too.

Play With Them.  Be spontaneous! We have all heard the quote that the dishes will be there when our kids are grown. And we know that they grow fast – too fast! Be silly, be brave and laugh your a** off! This is what summer is all about.  

Got any tips to stay sane when the kids are home all summer long? Please share! #FairyTalesWisdom

Here's to our collective summer survival!

Risa Barash, Founder & Owner



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